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Ever wanted to sing your heart out with the birds as your harmony, a creek as your accompaniment, and the mountains as your stage?  Harmony Upon the Mountain Music Workshops offer participants a chance to come together to learn from local musicians in a private wilderness setting.  From mountain ballads and Carter Family tunes to Classic Country to an Appalachian Christmas, the workshops vary in content and can last from 8 hours to the option of an overnight stay in the cabin home.  Please see individual descriptions for information about upcoming workshops and registration details. 

Upcoming Workshop:

HUM Singing Workshops presents:
OH, BROTHERS! ~ (Brother Harmonies)
Instructor: Kari Sickenberger
November 4, 2017 10am-6pm
In this workshop we will explore the harmony sounds of some of the best brother duets ever recorded. The list is extensive, but think Stanleys, Louvins, and Everlys, and you’ll get the idea. We’ll figure out some of the secrets that made them sound so good, and we’ll make our own harmonies with our own voices, the brothers leading the way. 
Join us! No experience required – just come with a desire to sing!
Don’t sing harmony? Remember that singing the melody is half of the harmony, so yes, you do! We need you!
Workshop takes place in beautiful Madison County near Wolf Laurel, and a delicious and nutritious lunch is included!
Also included: song packet and compilation CD
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 Kari is a founding member of the band, Polecat Creek, and has been leading singing classes and workshops for more than a decade.  She draws on her vast and ongoing experience as a Spanish and English teacher and her lifelong love for and experience with music to create a safe and encouraging environment for new and experienced singers alike. 

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 Space is limited, and we’d love to have you.



10:00-12:30 Morning Session with Kari
12:30 – 1:30 Lunch
1:30 – 3:00 Afternoon Session with Kari
3:00 – 4:30 Free time (hiking, singing)
4:30 – 6:00 Evening Session with Kari



Harmony Upon the Mountain

Singing Workshops at Hampton Creek, NC

 Singing Workshop Registration Form

Complete workshop details, menu, and directions to Hampton Creek will be sent upon receipt of registration. Please include your check for the workshop fee.

Fees: One-day Workshop: $75. If you must cancel, your payment can be used for a future workshop, but will not be refunded.

Please make checks payable to Terry Deal and mail, with this form, to:

Terry Deal  158 Cherokee Road  Asheville, NC 28801



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